Sky Balloons

Inflatable Round Balloon Inflatable grade material) (524 cu ft volume)

This round balloon can be either kept on the ground with cold air(no extra gas cost—1pc Air blower available for Rs.1100/- which can be used for all balloons to fill air) or be filled with Helium/Hydrogen and flown up in the air.
Size: 3mts dia, (print size:1x1mt on 2 sides)

Inflatable Round Balloon (PVC 0.18mm–specialised Inflatable grade material) (print size:full digital print) (524 cu ft volume)

Size: 3mts dia 117”

Lit up Balloon

If required you can light up the balloon in the night. We can construct a special fitting inside the balloon to hold the bulb at an extra cost of Rs.800/-. The charges for the wires/bulb(300 w) will be extra at actuals. If you need to light up the balloon and send it up in the sky , then you have to necessarily fill Helium gas only as it is safer while Hydrogen is cheaper but combustible. If you keep it on the floor or hang it, then you can fill cold air itself(no gas cost)
Appr. Gas cost: Hydrogen: 2 to 3 cylinders will be required; cost per cylinder- Rs 800/-
Helium: 2 cylinders will be required; cost per cylinder- Rs 6000/-

Balloon can also be hung

If required , we can attach a banner(size: 180”x26”) with any words written on it as shown below. Ideal for LARGE RALLIES/SHOWS/EXHIBITIONS on grounds.